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Autosexual def


Whether or not Autosexual def right on what they mean, you did make me aware of something I knew, but never seemed to realize - the difference between being aroused, and wanting sex. I've always thought of it as asexuals being people Autosexual def may or may not get aroused more or less at random and who may or may not take care if it themselves, and autosexuals as people who are actually attracted to themselves i.

This idea can also be difficult for sexual people to understand. A sex drive is a desire for sexual arousal, not a desire to feel sexual attraction.

The difference here can be highlighted by masturbation: Some asexuals who "Autosexual def" a sex drive satisfy themselves only by masturbation; these can come under the title of Autosexual def. Autosexual does not mean that a person loves themselves sexually, merely that they have no wish to have sex with another person, but still feel the desire to experience arousal. Other asexuals who have a sex drive prefer to satisfy themselves by sharing sex with a partner.

It is entirely possible for an asexual to have a sexual relationship. As stated above, some asexuals do enjoy the sexual sensations and therefore will happily engage in a sexual relationship. Some asexuals are not too bothered about sex, but will go through with it because they like giving pleasure to their partner, and others will because they love their partner and are willing to have.

Autosexual does not mean that...

So if you "Autosexual def" an asexual, and an autosexual, who both masturbate, what would be the difference by definition? To me, it sounds like the definition of an autosexual is someone who has a sex drive but would rather masturbate than have sex with someone else and masturbation would be a pleasurable experience for them. It sounds like some asexuals have a sex drive and masturbate, but don't really get much enjoyment out of it.

So they wouldn't be autosexuals, if I'm understanding everything correctly. Man this reminds me of an Autosexual def webcomic called Sexy Losers, where one of the characters was a guy who pretty much always masturbated seriously, any time, any place and he couldn't stand the idea of having sex with another person.