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Having special little customs gives you and your child an opportunity to connect, no matter what else is going on. Cooking a simple meal together, reading a story every night, planting a garden, playing a favorite board game -- these are the kinds of rituals that kids love. One father I know got into the habit of "shaving" with his 5-year-old son every morning, giving him foam and a toy razor. Another gets up early every Friday to take his daughter out to breakfast before they head off to work and school.

It doesn't really matter what your ritual is, as long as it's something you and your child both enjoy. It's important that you continue doing it, even when you're frustrated with your child. This isn't a privilege that you take away as a punishment. It's something sacred that you do, every night or every week or every month, as a way to connect. The essence of being a great mom or dad is to really know your child's temperament and to tailor your parenting style to take that into account.

Know Your Child's Personality:

Every kid is different -- even in the same Adult swim hookup a gamer encouragements about parenting logo. If you understand each child's individual personality, and deal with that child in the way that suits him best, you'll minimize conflict. If you have a very active child, you should avoid roughhousing with him in the evenings, which makes bedtime difficult.

Instead, have him do a quiet activity to help him calm down. Or maybe you have a child who has a difficult time with transitions. If so, you need to understand that giving her an advance warning when it's time to leave the playground will make the shift easier for her. The better you adapt to your child, the less conflict there will be.

Every night, parents should ask themselves, "If my child had only my behavior to learn from today, what would I have taught him? We give our children lectures on self-control and patience, and then explode when we get caught in traffic. We tell them not to gossip, and then turn around and do just that. We urge them to be honest, then let an year-old order from a menu for kids under That's not to say parents have to be perfect.

But when we fall down on the job, we need kids to learn from our mistakes. If you lash out at your child when you're feeling stressed out, for example, you should go back later and say, "I was wrong for yelling at you that way.