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Black woman white man sex stories


This is an interracial erotica story that I found on the experience project. Read it and tell me what you think. Nia had been calling every toy store in the state for days and days. When she woke in the morning, it was the first thing she thought about. The finance company that he worked for did business regularly with Logan Treasure Chest, an upscale Toy Black woman white man sex stories downtown.

He knew the owner and paid extra to have the toy delivered the day before Christmas Eve. The tree was decked out with bright red and green lights, silver garlands and sparkly Christmas bulbs.

Nativity figurines and wreaths accented the small apartment. The apartment had been small and bland when she first rented it, but Nia was creative and could make even the plainest apartment look like a winter wonderland. Sophia loved seeing her granddaddy. He had raised Nia as a single father, after her mother died, and he spoiled his granddaughter rotten.

For Christmas, he brought her a life sized doll with pink pants and a flowered blouse. After Sophia had rifled through all of her presents and eaten breakfast, Nia put her down for an hour long nap. This gave Nia time to set the table for dinner and pick up the toys and wrapping paper that Sophia had strewn across the living room of the small apartment.

For such a little two year old, Sophia sure knew how to make some big messes. Nia was warming up the homemade stuffing when the door opened. Matt came in carrying a large box with a pink ribbon. Nia greeted Matt at the door with a warm peck on the lips. She Black woman white man sex stories taken time to make sure that she wore the lip gloss that Matt loved. He loved to taste the sweetness of her soft lips. She was wearing a red, fitted sweater, jeans and high-heeled boots.

Sophia ran to the tree and jumped up and down with anticipation, as she struggled to untie Black woman white man sex stories bow on the box. Matt gently untied the ribbon and watched with anticipation as Sophia tore open the wrapping paper.