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Online dating best way to ask a girl out


How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl Successfully taking a conversation offline and into real life involves creating a foundation for the meeting. If you try and rush into a meeting, she may balk.

And even if you get her to set a date with you, it may not go well. You need to make a connection online before asking her to meet unless she asks you first!

But if you don't know...

Think about the people you like to be with—they entertain you, make you laugh, do things you like to do… right? You can still be the guy who wants sex—even first date sex—but Online dating best way to ask a girl out have put in some effort.

Women are human beings, with human needs. And getting a woman to meet with and ultimately sleep with you requires you to address some of these needs. Start by sending the first message. On most apps or on most sites, you can send the first message—do it. Therefore, your first message needs to be a good one. One of the easiest ways to send a good first message is to use her profile or profile pic to craft it.

Pay her a harmless compliment think eyes or hair, for example, not breasts! Then follow up with a question.

More importantly, for our purposes, it keeps the online conversation going so that you can build a rapport, or at least a little familiarity, with her. You already did a little bit of that with your profile—you matched with her, right?

#2 Take These Steps To...

Most of them either hint at some hopes, dreams, or expectations; or they say nothing at all. Which means you have to guess at what some of those things would be. You can always block her number later. Be an open book without lying.

In order for her to want to meet you— really want to meet you—she needs to see in you some of the things she hopes for. So be general in your responses. This is good for two reasons: If she tells you to pick after you ask her where, then you have to name a place. You should always have a few places to suggest.


They should be public and vary from things like coffee to drinks to casual activity. Your plans can always turn into dinner, but always suggest something casual and public—from which either of you can easily escape or escalate. A bar, a coffee shop, or a park. Good or preferential treatment at a bar is a good thing; sharing your attention with someone else is not.

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