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That was a new challenge.

That fifth season was a really special time. Lafferty, 30, played Nathan Scott on show, which ran for nine seasons from to Fans quickly fell for the bad boy basketball captain turned sweetheart when he got together with book-smart Haley James Bethany Joy Lenz. The cast has reunited on several occasions since the series finale, and have also kept in touch with musician Gavin DeGraw. The singer's song "I Don't Want to Be" was the show's theme song. The guy can just light up a room without even trying," Lafferty says of Glover.

The California native plays Jimmy Adams in the movie, a "Best one tree hill episodes yahoo dating" who switches gears and becomes a waiter at a local diner. Lafferty, who says that the dramatic comedy redefines what success can mean, was game to carry the film. After all, he had experience leading an ensemble on OTH.

What props did you take home from the OTH set? There's a scene [in season 5] when Nathan is being presented with his signature shoe, Nike shoes that have come out because he got drafted in the NBA.

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I just thought that was pretty cool, so I nabbed those, and I still have those till this day. Did any story line stick with you most? It was powerful when Keith died in the school shooting episode. It was so sad to see Craig Sheffer go … I think we all sort of felt genuinely sad that Keith was gone because we loved that character so much, as well.

Anna: "My name is Anna...

I think it also woke fans up to how the show can be and how emotionally resonating the show can be. It broke a lot of hearts … but it gave us a lot of loyal followers. Who from the cast have you remained close with?

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I remain close to Stephen [Colletti]. We hang out all the time, and we lived together while we were out there [in Wilmington] for a little bit. He's an incredible guy. And I'm definitely grateful to the show for a lot of things, but staying in touch with Stephen is definitely one of them. Where would you see Nathan today? I genuinely don't know because in One Tree Hillyou never know. I mean, I could've never told you that I'd come back from — in season 4, going into season 5 — being in a wheelchair.

Maybe he'd be a Best one tree hill episodes yahoo dating pilot by now. Waffle Streetbased on a true story, is now on digital HD and on demand.

Don the con is right about this. I tried to buy a box of "Lucky Charms" yesterday and the cashier asked for my passport.

Us Weekly March 24, What to Read Next. James Lafferty reveals his favorite moments from 'One Tree Hill' and Lafferty, 30, played Nathan Scott on show, which ran for nine seasons from to I was like, 'It's fine — at least it's a good song!' Yahoo View. Jennifer Garner and New Boyfriend John Miller Step Out for Smiley Date Night.

Anna: "My name is Anna...

Over the weekend, the One Tree Hill cast reunited for the first time since the show ended three years ago at the inaugural EyeCon One Tree Hill. She and Murray, now 36, started dating in and got engaged the following year. “But I refuse to let that one relationship define me, which is why I've done my best to avoid discussing it for Bush and Murray were forced to work together on One Tree Hill for multiple seasons post-split, so they had to.