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Jamaicans view on homosexuality


On the other hand, sexual behaviour between women is legal. Jamaica has been described by some human rights groups as the most homophobic country in the world because of the high level of violent crime directed at LGBT people.

The government of Jamaica said in "Jamaicans view on homosexuality" it "is committed to the equal and fair treatment of its citizens, and affirms that any individual whose rights are alleged to have been infringed has a right to seek redress. An assistant commissioner of police claimed just before he retired in July that Jamaica's reputation as homophobic Jamaicans view on homosexuality merely "hype" and that life for LGBT persons was improving.

He suggested the real problem was gay-on-gay crime and members of the community cross-dressing in public. Islands in the Commonwealth Caribbean adopted British buggery laws; however these laws were not as strictly regulated in the Caribbean as in the United Kingdom up until the Victorian era.

Prior to this era, recounts were made of the island's British occupants engaging in sodomy, which may correlate with the fact that the first colonists were mostly men. The slave communities in Jamaica and the rest of the British Caribbean were Jamaicans view on homosexuality up of men and women from West Africa, the Jamaicans view on homosexuality being more sought after by slave owners.

In England, the Buggery Law of was liberalized in By this point, Jamaica had already gained its independence inand thus its buggery law adopted from the British constitution, is Jamaicans view on homosexuality in force to this day.

Jamaica's laws do not criminalise the status of being LGBT but instead outlaw conduct. Whosoever shall be convicted of the abominable crime of buggery, committed either with mankind or with any animal, shall be liable to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour for a term not exceeding ten years.

Whosoever shall attempt to commit the said abominable crime, or shall be guilty of any assault with intent to commit the same, or of any indecent assault upon any male person, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and being convicted thereof, shall be liable to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding seven years, with or without hard labour.

Any male person who, in public or private, commits, or is a party to the commission of, or procures or attempts to procure the commission by any male person of, any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and being convicted thereof shall be liable at the discretion of the court to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding two years, with or without hard labour.

From love to hate

According to Human Rights Watchregardless of how often persons are convicted of buggery or gross indecency, "the arrests themselves send a message. Any constable may take into custody, without a warrant, any person whom he shall find lying or loitering in any highway, yard, or other place during the night, that is to say the interval between 7 o'clock in the evening and 6 o'clock in the morning of the next succeeding day, and whom he shall have good cause to suspect of having Jamaicans view on homosexuality, or being about to commit any felony in this Act mentioned, and shall take such person, as soon as Jamaicans view on homosexuality may be, before a Justice, to be dealt with according to law.

Police have great discretion in detaining individuals under Section This and other laws are used by police to detain men who are engaged in sodomy, or who are abusing animals. The European Parliament in passed a resolution calling on Jamaica to repeal its "antiquated and discriminatory sodomy laws and to actively combat widespread homophobia". He had fled the country because of death threats after news about his marriage with another man in Canada reached the local media.

No date for the first hearing has been set. InErnest Smith, a Labour Party member of Parliamentstated during a parliamentary debate that "homosexual Jamaicans view on homosexuality seem to have taken over" Jamaica, described homosexuals as "abusive" and "violent", and called for a stricter law outlawing homosexual conduct between men that would impose sentences of up to life in prison.

According to the Inter-American Commission on Human RightsJamaica has "no law which prevents discrimination against an individual on the basis of his or her sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. There is no legislation addressing hate crimes in Jamaica. While it does guarantee all citizens numerous civil and political rights, it specifically stipulates that the charter does not invalidate laws dealing with sexual offenses, pornography Jamaicans view on homosexuality the traditional definition of marriage.

Neither one of the two major political parties in Jamaica has expressed any official support for rights for its homosexual citizens.

Jamaica has a bad reputation...

However, at a televised debate in late December between opposition leader and former prime minister Portia Simpson-Miller of the People's National Party PNP and then- Prime Minister Andrew Holnessshe said she would consider appointing anyone she felt was most qualified for her cabinet regardless of sexual orientation [12] and added that she wanted to see conscience votes allowed by the major parties on LGBT rights issues in parliament. In Aprilthen-opposition leader and future prime minister Bruce Golding vowed that "homosexuals would find no solace in any cabinet formed by him".

New or Jamaicans view on homosexuality political parties, no matter their political philosophy, oppose LGBT rights.

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