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Within the challenging context of large-scale and top-down reorganisation, we have seen many bright spots of enthusiastic teams identifying problems and developing and testing creative solutions using QI methodology. These have resulted in improving the experience of care for our services users, and increased satisfaction of the staff involved in these projects. As QI continues Transzfer oldating grow locally, we are working to improve the structures and scaffolding provided to both develop and support projects and programmes.

Keeping in touch with our local processes and progress is a challenge Transzfer oldating the large range of services and sites.

We are therefore starting Transzfer oldating site so that Bedfordshire mental health staff can come and find out information about how to get support and get involved with QI locally, and read about updates about the different teams and projects that are underway. Have a look around, and Transzfer oldating do get in touch with any queries or suggestions for how we can make the site better.

The event brought together staff, service users, carers and external partners to share learning and achievement in quality improvement over the last year. Presentations included an overview of QI in the Directorates and plans for the coming year, where we premiered the QI in Bedfordshire and Luton collections on the QI microsite, along with their interactive training dashboards.

We heard about Inpatient Innovations from ward staff in Luton and Bedfordshire. Psychology teams shared their work on reducing waiting times for first appointments, and reducing referral to assessment times in Luton and Bedford Community Mental Health teams.

You can find access all slides on the QI microsite and see highlights from the event in the short video below. We look forward to more great QI work coming out of Bedfordshire and Luton in ! Thank you to all presenters Transzfer oldating the event. Luton Wellbeing Service was one of services at East London NHS Foundation Trust that volunteered to be an early prototype team for Enjoying Work, which is aimed at helping increase staff experience of work using quality improvement methods.

The project was launched in June and the first task was to gather baseline data using the online survey tool Survey Monkey. The survey asked all staff to rate their day using the Likert Scale:. The answers on the Likert Scale were: All staff members were asked to complete this daily for the month of June and responses were collected.

Using that baseline as starting point, the team created their driver diagram and identified which factors they needed to work on.

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From the responses to the survey and from engagement sessions with the whole staff team, four themes emerged which were contributing to people not Transzfer oldating a good day. The staff engagement session had developed many change ideas, so all staff were Transzfer oldating to rank them in order of importance, so that the project team could start on identifying change ideas that meant the most to most staff.

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Some ideas were tasks, things they could just get done without the need to test first. Staff were also asked to rank these in order of importance to them. The results from the staff ranking were acted upon and a communications board was placed Transzfer oldating the main staff area so that Transzfer oldating could be informed and kept updated as to what was happening.

Changing the way the whole team meeting was used and executed was ranked as the number one change idea, so the team started a PDSA Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle on how they were going to do this.

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Changing the time of the meeting was the first thing that they tried; this was quite successful with the team. The next change they agreed on was to add a lunch break in the meeting as it was conducted over the whole of the lunch period. Their third cycle Transzfer oldating to have a much more structured meeting with an agenda and a way of providing feedback about the meetings.

The team created a Kanban board, the board was a great success as the staff team were able to see what had been Transzfer oldating, what was in the process of being done and what was lined up to do next. The whole team were asked to continue completing the survey throughout the project to see whether the changes and improvements being made were having the desired affect and whether this would be reflected in the data.

Towards the end ofthe service was commissioned to a different provider, which meant that it would be transferred from ELFT. Staff enjoyment at work was subsequently affected and the project team decided it was not viable to continue with the project in its current format. Although they were not able to Transzfer oldating the project in its entirety as Transzfer oldating intended to, they used the learning and structures they had developed to refocus the work on supporting staff during this period of change.

They also took time to capture "Transzfer oldating" share some of the outstanding work and valuable learning from their original project.

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