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How to have good lesbian sex


These are our opinions. These articles about sex are to promote conversation, so if you agree or disagree with what we say, please feel free to leave it in the comments. Discussion, much like sex, is a healthy part of life.

And as always, you do you. Everyone likes totally different sensations in bed, so everyone starts from the beginning when faced with a new vagina.

Your inexperience here is a complete non-issue in terms of skill. The only rule you need to know ahead of time is to be careful about where your teeth end up!

Lesbian sex for the first...

Sure, people take some tips and tricks with them from partner to partner, but in the end communication will win. There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying things like:.

Talk About It

This sex is partially about you. Second, feedback is about your partner, not just about you. Most of the time, my advice revolves around communication. But I do recognize that sometimes practical tips need to exist, because confidence.

Discuss This!

So, here are just a few tips and tricks:. Your tongue is three dimensional and has many different surfaces. You can lightly suck on things.

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