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Papi lindo in english


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Ok, Here is the situation. I am from america and my fiance is from the dominican republic. She was living in puerto rico for ten years and I met her there when I lived there. I trust her completely.

However, there is a problem that I have in one thing she does. She calls other men "papi". She also will call women she doesn't know "mi amor". She is in Florida right now and I Papi lindo in english in North Carolina and will be moving in with her soon. She lives with one of her sons and her ex husbands sister, Edith. Edith met her boyfriend 4 months ago and are talking about getting married and he will probably move into the apartment in January.

Recently, her older sons visited her on one of their birthdays and her ex husband came up to see them as well. We were talking on the phone as she arrived home and Papi lindo in english hello to her ex husband by the name Fernando and they said hola papi to Edith's boyfriend.

Now, I am not fluent in spanish and know it is used differently in many countries, but I was confused why she would be calling any other man besides her boyfriend or husband or son papi. We talked later about it and she says she has learned many words and not everyone understands all these words and because of that words don't really mean anything.

It is more about the Tone, Inflection of voice which is important. She says that in her job, if she Papi lindo in english you are a decent person and does not know your name or there is a group around, she will call those men "papi" To me, papi means: Daddy, Baby, My Love If you are single, then to a man you have an interest in getting to know alot better.

To me, that is an important word. If I was not her fiance or boyfriend, I would not call her mami. If there was no interest in having her be my fiance or girlfriend.

To me, papi means: Daddy,...

And I would not want other men to call her mami either. Now I'm not looking for someone to be on my side of this or her side of this And when and who it is appropriate to be used with. I can imagine there might be a situation that might 'break' the normal rule of when it is used, I'd like to know those as well. Having her call other men Papi It doesn't seem to matter to her what she is calls others or what they call Papi lindo in english as long as it is with good tone.

Also, do you think I am overreacting?

¡Hola!¿Qué haces, papi lindo? -...

I feel it is very disrepectful to say that to another man when you are in a committed relationship. Would it bother you if your wife or girlfriend called others papi, or your husband or boyfriend called other women mami? Are these words used differently in the Dominican Republic? What do they mean there? How are they used there? Are they appropriate to call everyone? And what would you think of a mans wife saying papi to another man, if you knew they were together? Would you still respect her?

Would you still respect him? Basically, any information, translations, thoughts, ideas Are you catching my drift Those are just words you say to anyone.

Im a woman and Ill say "My love would you mind moving over" to a guy on the bus. Come on if yo love her so much then this is pettyness that you should not even think about it.

You should be worried had she called her ex-husband "papi". Its the same as if you're in Dr and a girl can say "Mi rey como estas" or "Mi negro" or "Chulo" or "Mi amor" or "Amor Bello" or "Dulcura" do you catch my drift? Originally Posted by bdj. My very un PC opinion, which you did not really ask for.

You girlfriend seems to be very uneducated, and has a very limited vocabulary and a tiny Papi lindo in english that is good a getting what she wants. Low class is where she was born and bred, and low class she shall remain. Make a better choice next time Thanks for the responses so far. Although, hillbilly, she has a Masters Degree and is very educated. Every "Papi lindo in english," people say and do things differently.

Although I would still like to hear other opinions. I do appreciate the ones that have posted so far. As far as being petty The word is used very differently here in the United States But Graciela is from the Dominican Republic and has lived many years in Puerto Rico and other latin american countries We have not argued or fought over this, but we Papi lindo in english discussed this.

With a better understanding, maybe it won't bother me as much. Although, as I said, here, it it used quite differently and many if not most would start fighting if these words were used by a Papi lindo in english or man It would be VERY disrspectful to say I've talked to people from Peru and Puerto Rico, and Columbia.