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Mara marini parks and recreation


Mara Marini may be from Canada originally, but her face and ambition say Hollywood. She had gained theatre experience in Canada and continued on that track in L.

Only recently did she hire an agent that she really likes. Before that, she was self-made — a scrappy, door-to-door saleswoman of sorts, pitching herself at meetings.

Amazingly, her problem was that she was just another blonde beauty with personality. Then there would be the vulgar male agents looking to capitalize on her sexuality: After graudation, she faced many of the anxieties most young professionals face.


Though that foray only lasted about a year, like anything it was a learning experience. Marini learned that it takes full devotion to make it as a comedian. Her friend, comedian Colin Kane, has taught her by example.

And acting is where my passion lies. This is totally me.

Mara Marini is a Canadian...

Despite being disappointed with her audition, Marini landed the part. Or you will walk out feeling really bad about yourself, and you end up booking it. You just never know.

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