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The homosexualization of american art


InJonathan D.

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Yale told Katz it could only be up for one evening. His work puts him at the forefront of art historians and curators studying art from a queer perspective. When I was there, they hired a queer historian in the history department.

Opposition, Inc: The Homosexualization of...

Katz is one of the leading queer art curators in the U. The Homosexualization of American Art: Even the most successful artists were worried about the revelation about their sexuality.

He died last year. Most exhibitions he curates are usually on display for several months.

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Despite the fact that queer-themed exhibitions generate lots of interest and high attendance, he said, museums are terrified of presenting them. The contrast between Canada and the U. The social class that is in a position to fundamentally influence the museum world is currently standing at the top of the social hierarchy.

Drama Queer is part of the Queer Arts Festival.

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