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Late bloomer vs asexual definition


This is a subreddit for those questioning their own sexuality and gender. People of all sexual and gender identities are welcome here. The Genderbread Person [ mirror ] is an easy to understand infographic on sexual and gender identification. Here's an alternate, somewhat more comprehensive version. Gender and Sexuality A quick video Late bloomer vs asexual definition Youtube explaining a lot of the principles behind gender and sexuality.

The Kinsey Scale is a commonly used scale to express a position in the heterosexual-homosexual continuum. Transgender and Genderqueer Resources. A Map of Gender-Diverse Cultures. Do you have a suggestion?

Don't be a jerk. Wil Wheaton's rule, for the initiated. Particularly, hateful speech of any kind will not be allowed here.

If you're a sexual late...

You shouldn't impose a label on others or deny others of their identity. If in doubt, refer to the first rule. Your submission may get stuck in the spam filter. If you don't see any activity on your submission, please message us so that we can take a look!

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