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Importance of honesty in marriage

Every marriage is different, but...

T here were many things Susan Importance of honesty in marriage I did not know about marriage when we made our vows to each other 28 years ago, but we were certain about one thing—the absolute, central need for honesty. You might think that would be a given, but sadly, we live in a world where many need to be reminded that telling the truth is a must—whether in politics, in business, or in the home.

Here are 6 ways to nurture honesty in marriage. Honesty has to be a two-way street; you have to make it a shared commitment. If only one spouse expresses himself or herself in a vulnerable way, after a while he or she is going to start feeling too exposed and clam up. Some people call them little white lies.

Some people make the mistake of confusing honesty with bluntness. But you can be direct without being insensitive. So watch your tongue: Not everything needs to be said there and then.