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How do jellyfish reproduce sexually or asexually


Natalie Pilakouta answered on 16 Jun Jellyfish can reproduce either sexually or asexually. Sexual reproduction happens in the adult stage.

Some cnidarians reproduce sexually, meaning...

Males release sperm and females release eggs into the water and when the sperm and eggs combine, they produce small larvae called planula. These larvae attach on rocks and stay there to grow until they become adults.

During this larval stage, they can also reproduce asexually, which means that they produce clones of themselves without needing to be fertilized by another jellyfish. But unlike tree branches, each of these polyps detaches from the original organism that they came How do jellyfish reproduce sexually or asexually and later grow to become the adult form of jellyfish that we are most familiar with.

James Bell answered on 16 Jun Adult jellyfish release clouds of sperm and eggs into the sea around them.

In the adult, or medusa,...

The sperm and eggs combine to make a baby jellyfish a larvae called a planula. The planula settles onto a rock or something else hard as a kind of upside-down jellyfish called a polyp and after a while, little jellyfish bud off of the polyp and go back to live in the water.

Catherine Offord answered on 16 Jun Not much to add to that great answer, except that when jellyfish reproduce sexually, they often gather together in huge swarms. These swarms can cover over a hundred miles of coastline!

It has become such a problem in some countries that fishing companies sometimes use special robots to detect and remove jellyfish to avoid them getting trapped in nets or clogging up machinery.

Jellyfish characteristics

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