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Hey girl in russian


Want to learn how to compliment in Russian… and seriously impress some Russians? Sign up at RussianPod click here and start learning! Change the gender of the adjective and it becomes useful for women. This is a very general compliment. Basically Hey girl in russian someone has done a great job duh or accomplished a goal.

Use it when you want to praise someone for their work. Good for friends, coworkers, family and anyone. Used on anything from getting good grades to sports to people you admire.

This is very casual. This is usually not about looks unless the context is about looks. If you want to express this compliment — this is for you. Not really used in common conversation.

Another awfully poetic and impressive compliment. And Hey girl in russian hope my Russian lessons make you want to be a better person as well! Anyway, this is one you should use a lot — for guys or girls. Great to use for little kids. Just as good to use for your friends. This is just a good Russian compliment to use for your friends.

Even they deserve a nice word or two once in a while, right? Great compliment to use.

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