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Most of my regular readers probably haven't been following this blog long enough to know Cesky herec homosexual advance, but early in its history this blog was more of a general skeptical blog. True, it always had a heavy emphasis on medical science and pseudoscience, but I also used to write about evolution and Cesky herec homosexual advance topics from a skeptic perspective.

Back then, dating back to the very earliest day s after I discovered blogging, Holocaust denial was a frequent topic on this blog because it was a big interest of mine. It still is, even though I haven't had much opportunity to write about it over the last few years. It was just one of the topics that I drifted away from as this blog became more tightly focused on medicine.

That's why I debated about whether I was going to write about this or not. I had a topic all lined up for today, but ultimately decided that it could wait for a day, as I simultaneously kicked myself for not cranking something out over the weekend, given what happened: Yet, we know that Cesky herec homosexual advance the darkest hours of humanity, light shines the brightest. As we remember those who died, we are deeply grateful to those who risked their lives to save the innocent.

In the name of the perished, I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good. Together, we will make love and tolerance prevalent throughout the world. Do you notice anything?

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Lots of people did, including someone with whom I seldom agree but who was correct in this case to label the above statement The White House Holocaust Horror. Others called it out for what it is, a form of Holocaust denial, because that's what it is. Here's Senator Tim Kainefor example:.

Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt, someone whom I admire a great deal and the subject of the recent film Denialwhich portrays her legal battle with David Irving, who sued her for libel in the UK for correctly characterizing him as a Holocaust denier, characterized the "de-Judaization of the Holocaust, as exemplified by the White House statement" as " softcore Holocaust denial.

"Cesky herec homosexual advance," I'm sure that there will be readers out there who think this is hyperbole, that I'm exaggerating. I will also confess that at first Cesky herec homosexual advance wasn't sure if this was cluelessness or intentional. A reader reminded me of an example of an atheist organization doing just this sort of thing as part of a protest against the use of the Star of David in a then-proposed Holocaust memorial in Columbus, Ohio.

At first, I thought the White House statement was cluelessness, but it wasn't.

Administration spokesperson Hope Hicks also took to the air to lay down the obfuscation, saying that "despite what the media reports, we are an incredible inclusive group and we took into account all of those who suffered. So why was this Cesky herec homosexual advance of the Jews a form of Holocaust denial? Lipstadt, who followed a similar trajectory as I did, at first thinking the statement a "rookie mistake," begins the explanation:.

I quickly learned that the White House had released a statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day that did not mention Jews or anti-Semitism. Though no fan of Trump, I chalked it up as a rookie mistake by a new administration busy issuing a slew of executive "Cesky herec homosexual advance." Someone had screwed up.

I refused to get agitated, and counseled my growing number of correspondents to hold their fire. A clarification would certainly soon follow. It deserved praise not condemnation. It is a calumny founded in anti-Semitism. So why the controversy? Why all the outrage? Surely it's not wrong to Cesky herec homosexual advance all the other groups targeted for extermination by the Nazis, such as the Roma, homosexuals, the mentally retarded, and people with mental illnesses, is it?

It depends on what you mean by "wrong. On the other hand, intentionally leaving the Jews out of an official statement reveals an intent to provide a distorted view of what the Holocaust actually was.

Jews were central to the Holocaust.

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As Gord McFee put it:. Does the focus on the Jewishness of the Holocaust take away from or minimize the suffering of the millions of non-Jews who were persecuted? Do the Jews, unintentionally perhaps, try to keep all the suffering for themselves?

On the other hand, does the Holocaust have a particularly crucial and central Jewish element, even though millions of others died? Simply put, the answer is yes. The Holocaust, from its conception to its implementation had a distinctly Jewish aspect to it and, arguably without this Jewish aspect, there would have been no Holocaust.

Most of the non-Jewish people would not have been killed Cesky herec homosexual advance the killing machinery would not have been put into operation. Coincidentally, about a week before the statement, I had just finished reading part one of Volker Ullrich's excellent new biography of Adolf Hitler, Hitler: Even though Part 1 ended just before the invasion of Poland, Ullrich included plenty of discussion of the antisemitism that animated the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler dating back to at least Indeed, one of the most puzzling questions in considering Hitler is the origin of his extreme antisemitism.

Even though information about his life before he joined the Nazi party is sketchy and sources contradictory, with some claiming Hitler was antisemitic as early as his time in Linz, others saying it originated during his time in Cesky herec homosexual advance, while still others thinking it originated later, Cesky herec homosexual advance the defeat of Germany in World Cesky herec homosexual advance I.

Everyone agrees, however, that from through the early s, Hitler demonstrated increasingly intense antisemitism expressed through increasingly violent and apocalyptic imagery. Whatever the source of Hitler's antisemitism, it was one of the animating forces of Nazi-ism, arguably the animating force.

Indeed, Nazis regularly harassed and attacked Jews, while Hitler and other Nazis routinely referred to them as "our misfortune" in speeches and predicted a day of reckoning. Not suprirsingly, Jews were the first people targeted when Hitler came to power in and remained their target until Berlin burned in Ever since Donald Trump became a candidate for President and support of the alt right translation: To this I always add how sad I am that this knowledge has unexpectedly come in very handy all too many times in reent months.

In any case, I knew immediately that it's a common, long-standing Holocaust denial trope to deny the centrality of Jews to the Holocaust. What makes the Jews so special? The Holocaust was about more than the Jews.

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That's almost exactly what Trump administration flacks have been saying since Friday with its language about how Trump was trying to be "inclusive. The central purpose of the Holocaust was to rid the Reich of its Jews, and the Jews were central to the Holocaust. It started with taking away their rights, then evolved to violence against them, both promoted and carried out by the government, then to forced expulsion, and then finally to mass extermination.

To deny this is to deny the essence of the Holocaust. As Podhoretz puts it:. No, Hope Hicks, and no to whomever you are serving as a mouthpiece. The Nazis killed an astonishing number of people in Cesky herec homosexual advance ways and targeted certain groups—Gypsies, the mentally challenged, and open homosexuals, among others. But the Final Solution was aimed solely at the Jews. The Holocaust was about the Jews.

To minimize or trivialize the "Jewishness" of the Final Solution Cesky herec homosexual advance to seriously understate, if not, unintentionally perhaps, deny its essence.

This does not mean that the suffering of other groups is to be ignored; on the contrary, it was terrible. The term "holocaust" was coined to describe the uniquely Jewish aspect of the Final Solution.

It does not seek to negate the suffering of the other victims. As does John Scalziwho points out how stupid the whole act was:.

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