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Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Atlanta, Georgia www. The Georgia State Minimum Standard Energy Code shall be used for efficiency and coefficient of performance ratings of plumbing equipment. Chapter 1 to remain in the Code as a reference and guide for local governments in development of their own Administrative Procedures.

A vent connecting two or more individual vents with a vent stack, stack vent or terminating in the open air. The provisions of this code shall apply to the erection, installation, alteration, repairs, relocation, replacement, addition to, use or maintenance of plumbing systems within the state of Georgia.

This code shall also regulate nonflammable medical gas, Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements anesthetic, vacuum piping, nonmedical oxygen systems and sanitary and condensate vacuum collection systems. The installation of fuel gas distribution piping and equipment, fuel- gas- fired water heaters and water heater venting systems shall be regulated by the International Fuel Gas Code.

Appendices are not enforceable unless they are specifically referenced in the body of tie code or adopted by the Department of Community Affairs or the authority having jurisdiction.

The purpose of Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements code is to provide minimum standards to safeguard life or limb, health, property and public welfare by regulating and controlling the design, construction, installation, quality of materials, location, operation and maintenance or use of plumbing equipment and systems.

If any section, subsection, sentence, clause or phrase of this code is for any reason held to be unconstitutional, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this code. The provisions of this code shall apply to all matters affecting or relating to structures, as set forth in Section Where, in any specific case, different sections of this code specify different materials, methods of construction or other requirements, the most restrictive shall govern.

All plumbing systems, materials and appurtenances, both existing and new, and all parts thereof, shall be maintained in proper operating condition in accordance with the original design in a safe and sanitary condition. All devices or safeguards required by this code shall be maintained in compliance with the code edition under which they were installed. The owner or the owner's designated agent shall be responsible for maintenance of plumbing systems.

To determine compliance with this provision, the code official shall have the authority to require any plumbing system to be reinspected. Materials, equipment and devices shall not be reused unless such elements have been reconditioned, tested, placed in good and proper working condition and approved.

In or on structures where openings have been made in walls, floors or ceilings for the passage of pipes, such openings shall be sealed through the use of metal collars or other approved methods.

Building sewers shall be a minimum of 6 inches Loose earth free from rocks, broken concrete, frozen chunks and other rubble, shall be placed in the trench in 6-inch The backfill under and beside the pipe shall be compacted for pipe support. Backfill "Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements" be brought up evenly on both sides of the pipe so that the pipe remains aligned.

In instances where the manufacturer's installation instructions for materials are more restrictive than those prescribed by the code, the material shall be installed in accordance with the more restrictive requirement. All excavations required to be made for the installation of a building sewer, building drainage system, or any part thereof within the walls of a building shall be open trench work and shall be kept open until the piping has been inspected, tested and approved.

The permit holder shall make the applicable tests prescribed in Sections The permit holder shall give reasonable advance notice to the code official when the plumbing work is ready for tests. The equipment, material, power and labor necessary for the inspection and test shall be furnished by the permit holder and the permit holder shall be responsible for determining that the work will withstand the test pressure prescribed in the following tests.

All plumbing system piping shall be tested with either water or by air. After the plumbing fixtures have been set and their traps filled with water, the entire drainage system shall be submitted to final tests. The code official shall require the removal of any cleanouts if necessary to ascertain whether the pressure has reached all parts of the system. Upon completion of a section of or the entire water supply system, the system, or portion completed shall be tested and proved tight under a water pressure not less than the working pressure of the system; or, by an air test of not less than 50 psi kPa.

The water or air utilized for tests shall be from a non-contaminated source. The required tests shall be performed in accordance with this section and Section No floor drains or other plumbing fixtures except electric water heaters shall be installed in a room containing air handling machinery when such room is used as a plenum. Deep-seal trap floor drains consisting of a minimum 4- inch mm seal and supplied with a trap primer connected to a water distribution pipe shall be permitted.

Detached single- family, duplex and multi- family dwelling structures three stories or less in height shall have not less than two exterior hose bibs, sill cocks or outside hydrants with one being located on the side or rear of the structure.

The location and maximum travel distances to required employee toilet facilities in factory, storage and industrial occupancies are permitted to exceed that required by this section, provided that the location and maximum travel distance are approved.

The waste from an automatic clothes washer shall discharge through an air break into a standpipe in accordance with Section The trap GA International Plumbing Code Amendments and fixture drain for an automatic clothes washer standpipe shall be a minimum of 2 inches 51 mm in diameter.

The automatic clothes washer fixture drain shall connect to a building drain, branch drain or drainage stack a minimum of 3 inches 76 mm in diameter. Automatic clothes washers that discharge by gravity shall be permitted to drain to a waste receptor or an approved trench drain. Drinking fountains and water coolers shall confonn to NSF 61, Section 9. In other occupancies, where drinking fountains are required, water coolers or bottled water dispensers shall be Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements to be substituted for not more than 50 percent of the required drinking fountains.

Attics containing a water heater shall be provided with an opening and unobstructed passageway large enough to allow removal of the water heater. The passageway to the water heater shall not be less than 30 inches mm high and 22 inches mm wide.

The passageway shall have continuous solid flooring not less than 24 inches mm wide.

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A level service space at least 30 inches mm deep and 30 inches mm wide shall be present at the front or service side of the water heater.

The clear access opening GA International Plumbing Code Amendments dimensions shall be a minimum of 20 inches by 30 inches mm by mm where such dimensions are large enough to allow removal of the water heater. The relief valve shall discharge full size, separately to a safe place of disposal such as a concrete floor, outside the building, an indirect waste receptor, or other approved location.

Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements discharge shall terminate in a manner that does not cause injury to occupants in the immediate area or structural damage to the building.

When the relief valve discharge piping goes upward, a thermal expansion control device shall be installed on the cold water distribution or service pipe in accordance with Section If the discharge Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements is trapped, provisions shall be made to drain the low point of the trapped portion of the discharge pipe.

Pans shall be installed under storage-type water heaters or water storage tanks installed in attics or above ceilings. The pan shall be galvanized steel having a minimum thickness of 24 gauge, or other pans approved for such use. Pans are not required under tankless water heaters. Water heaters installed in residential occupancies shall be sized in accordance with Table Other methods used to heat water shall be sized to meet the total draw and recovery rates as listed in Table Saddle- type fittings can be used to connect refrigerator ice makers to an existing residential unit water distribution system provided the manufacturer's installation instructions for the distribution piping do not prohibit the use of saddle fittings.

Saddle fittings can be used to install thermal expansion tanks to an existing residential unit water distribution system if approved by the manufacturer of the tank.

All cut tube ends shall be reamed to the full inside diameter of the tube end. All joint surfaces shall be cleaned. The joining of water supply piping shall be made with lead-free solder and fluxes. The joining of water supply piping shall be made with lead-free solders and fluxes.

Shutoff valves to water supplies for refrigerators with automatic icemakers shall be accessible on the same floor as said refrigerators. In occupied structures, hot water shall be supplied to all plumbing fixtures and equipment utilized for bathing, washing, culinary purposes, cleansing, laundry or building maintenance.

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In nonresidential occupancies, hot water or tempered water shall be supplied for bathing and washing purposes except for hand- washing facilities. Accessible hand- washing facilities regardless of the occupancy shall not be required to be supplied with hot water. Where a thermostatic mixing valve is installed at the water heater and is used in a system witii a hot water recirculating pump, the hot water or tempered water return Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements shall be routed to the cold water inlet pipe of the water heater and the cold water inlet pipe or the hot water return connection of the thermostatic mixing valve.

The potable water supply to lawn irrigation systems shall be protected against backflow by an atmospheric- type vacuum breaker, a pressure- type vacuum breaker, a double- check backflow prevention assembly or a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer. A valve shall not be installed downstream from an atmospheric vacuum breaker. Where interconnected chemical dispensers are used in conjunction with lawn irrigation systems, the potable water supply shall be protected against backflow by a reduced pressure principle backflow preventer.

New or repaired potable water systems shall be flushed and purged of deleterious matter. Systems that cannot be adequately flushed and purged may require disinfection in accordance with a prescribed method. Remainder of section left unchanged.

Gwinnett County Consolidated Plan [Approved...

Every building in which plumbing fixtures are installed and all premises having drainage Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements shall be connected to a public sewer, where available, or an approved private sewage disposal system.

Where a building sewer or building drain is installed on unstable fill or unstable ground, the drainage pipe shall conform to one of tiie standards for ABS plastic pipe, cast-iron pipe, copper or copper-alloy tubing, or PVC plastic listed in Table Joint surfaces shall be clean and free from moisture.

Solvent- cement joints shall be permitted above or below ground. The joining of water supply piping shall be made with lead- free solders and fluxes. If a primer is required by the solvent manufacturer, a purple primer that conforms to ASTM F shall be applied. Fittings shall be Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements to guide sewage and waste in the direction of flow.

Change in direction shall be made by fittings installed in accordance with Table Change in direction by combination fittings, side inlets or increasers shall be installed in accordance with Table Double sanitary tee patterns shall not receive the discharge of back- to-back fixtures or appliances with pressure or pumping action discharge.

Water closets shall not be combined with fixtures other than water closets on a double drainage fitting. Each horizontal drainage pipe shall be provided with a cleanout at the upstream end of the pipe and shall be provided with cleanouts located not more than feet 30 mm apart. The following plumbing arrangements are acceptable in lieu of the upstream cleanout: Test tees or cleanouts in a vertical pipe above the flood-level rim of the fixtures that the horizontal pipe serves and not more than 4 feet mm above the finish floor.

Cleanout near the junction of the building drain and the building sewer which may be rodded both ways. Water closets for Atlanta speed hookup companies act 1985 requirements water closet fixture branch only. Building sewers shall be provided with cleanouts located not more than feet 30 mm apart measured from the upstream entrance of the cleanout.

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