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Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction


Prime Minister The Rt. Hubert Ingraham came out swinging noting his disgust of sexual crimes, which have occurred across the country against children. Ingraham made the Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction as he rapped up debate on the appointment of a select committee to investigate incidents of sexual crimes at the Eight Mile Rock High School.

Ingraham also pointed out that since some 15 teachers have been withdrawn from classrooms after being accused of sexual crimes against students.

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He pointed that some 4 of these cases are still unresolved, and that all of these persons are still being paid by the government.

Ingraham Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction noted that to many people are unwilling to speak about these crimes.

He concluded that officials who knew what happened at EMRH School will be dealt not long from now, and assured that the select committee appointed will be supported by the government. I am pleased to add my support for the motion to appoint a Select Committee to review all matters connected with the allegations of sexual molestation by a former teacher at the Eight Mile Rock High School.

I would have also been pleased to support the motion if it had been proposed to review allegations of sexual molestation in schools in The Bahamas period; or if the terms of reference were limited to public schools. We have a bad record about Select Committees in the House. They almost uniformly never report and they really come about because Members choose to have a debate or discussion. There may be one or two meetings of a Committee and then nobody hears anything about it afterward.

I hope that is not the fate of this Committee; I hope that it will work and will make a report and some recommendations. But notwithstanding that — whether it makes a report, whether it works or not is not relevant to the point I now make: Sexual molestation is nothing short of reprehensible and criminal.

The case with which this Resolution is concerned is very serious and I regret that Members Opposite have sought by their rhetoric here and in the media, to reduce this serious matter to an opportunity for scoring political points.

I assure all, there are no political points to be made here or elsewhere in exposing and dealing with sexual perverts who prey upon helpless children. The allegation of molestation in this case occurred Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction a time when Members Opposite Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction the Government.

The earliest complaints on the matter were brought to the attention of a very senior person in the Ministry of Education inseemingly without result. Still, the alleged culprit departed the country before the conclusion of the investigation of the allegation by the police and before any charge was laid. Regrettably, this will not have been the first case of inappropriate contact between a teacher and a student in a government-operated school.

There are a number of outstanding allegations against some 15 public school teachers extending as far back asand as many as 4 such allegations are presently before the Courts; a few of which that have been before the Courts for quite sometime without resolution.

Notwithstanding our heightened attention to the danger now, it is possible that in the future some other student may be confronted by a devious teacher or other adult engaged at a school in Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction they are enrolled. What we can do is examine the procedures in place designed to deal with these matters; procedures meant to prevent the action, and procedures meant to assist to remedy the situation when prevention fails.

And, we can take careful, well thought out steps to improve upon them. We all recognize and acknowledge that notwithstanding procedures and safeguards, failures have occurred in the past and we have no assurance that they will not occur again at "Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction" time in the future.

And, some people too readily assume that allegations of sexual abuse are fabrications — especially when made against someone held in high esteem in the community, such as a teacher, preacher or MP. We know where that attitude got the Roman Catholic Church in the United States when applied to allegations of molestation by priests. I listened to the Member from Englerston this morning when she claimed that action was being taken now only because of intense public pressure. That is not so.

Let me say that I do not believe that there is enough public outrage about sexual Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction and sexual crime in our country — not just regarding allegations of abuse in our schools but in our homes and in our communities. And it is that that we must commit ourselves to change! How is it that a 62 year old man can go to court in The Bahamas on April 15, admit to having engaged in sexual intercourse with a five year old and be convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison?

Where is the outrage? Where is the outrage that our country has one of the highest rates of rape in our Hemisphere?

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Shifting and transfers is how we have traditionally dealt with problem employees in the public sector whether it is a drunkard in the school system, or indeed elsewhere in the Public Service, or an employee suffering from a mental disorder or perversion; — transfer them to a new school, department or unit in the hope that a new environment will make them shape-up.

The 15 teachers I spoke of just now are virtually all still employed by the Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction. Finally, action is being taken. For example, a senior public officer was recently called upon to retire from the Service for acts of sexual harassment of an employee.

Finally, the shifting and or redeployment of teachers accused of sexual crimes against children in our schools is also going to end.

And, where evidence exists, I expect criminal charges to be laid against teachers who molest children. Where there is insufficient evidence to support criminal charges disciplinary action is and will be taken against such persons.

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They have no place in our schools. In the Eight Mile Rock case — Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction there ever a suspicion that this teacher may have had a problem with boundaries between himself and his students early in his career in The Bahamas? How is it that a teacher, thought now to be a molester, operated in our school system since ?

Quite the opposite, his file, I am told, records that he was well regarded notwithstanding the allegation made against him in Some people find the attachment of homosexuality to the allegation titillating and concentrate their attention only on that aspect of what is being reported.

But surely, we know that most sexual molestations involve heterosexuals. We cannot be willing to excuse this inappropriate behaviour when it involves a male teacher and a female student or a female teacher and a male student. But we know that foreignness had nothing to do with the allegation. We know that some Bahamians accused of crime, escape abroad to avoid detection and or the consequences of their action.

I have been told and seen reports Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction the effect that the molestation in question took place over a number of years — from the 7th grade. Did no one notice a change in the behaviour of the child?

Was anyone interested — at school, in church, in the community, at home? What can we do to ensure that at least, in our schools, someone is watching and someone is listening? Information now suggests that in this case a change in behaviour was noticed; however, little and certainly not enough was done about it.

This is an allegation of abuse; abuse by an individual placed in a position of authority over minor children. We are all aware that sexual molestation is a crime. Sexual contact between an adult and a minor is a criminal act.

Hubert Ingraham came out swinging...

Using ones position of authority to demand or win sexual favours from a subordinate, a dependant or from anyone left in your care or custody is a crime. When the sexual favour is extracted from a minor child student left in the care of the offending adult teacher the act is even more odious. We also know that we have a legal obligation under the law — the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Act — to report suspicions of abuse of children.

A lot of abuse was heaped upon the Minister of Education this morning and before. But what about those who knew? No, we are not interested in talking about them; we are interested in trying to find a politician to blame. They have proven, in this case and in other cases, to be insufficient and inadequate in this case and in a number of other cases.

The Minister of Education has elaborated on these in his contribution. The reforms are meant to provide comfort to students that any allegation made by them will be taken seriously, that they will be investigated and culprits will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Studies internationally indicate that some victims of sexual molestation, particularly children and adolescents, never overcome the insecurity and fear that result from abuse.

So marred are some of these individuals that they are unable to fulfil their life goals or to lead productive, happy lives. I believe that it was not appropriate for many officials in Grand Bahama involved in Education to have not "Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction" differently; regard being had to the information which they seemed to have had access to quite some time ago.

This extends to a good number of people who were in positions of authority in Grand Bahama who could have, should Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction, ought to have acted differently. No one should be surprised therefore, when appropriate action is taken in respect of such persons not long from now.

From our point of view, we are happy to cooperate fully with any investigation in connection with this matter or any matter in any public school. The reality is that the Government is only one part of the issue; there are many other parts.

One of those parts is parents. There are far, far too many Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction in this country where persons know that children are being sexually molested or abused, and people in parental situations are unwilling to talk, unwilling to speak.

It is my hope that the Police and others in the society will begin to activate the provisions in the law that makes it a crime to not report what they know. Speaker, the current position with respect to these Summary offences; these offences that are tried by the Magistrates Court where it must be tried within a six month period Hubert ingraham wife sexual dysfunction the commission of the offence, is another matter we must look at in terms of amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code when it comes down to molestation of children.

Better information ought to be provided to all persons in the public school system, especially those in Administration, as to what their duty and obligations are: The Minister of Education gets appointed in May ofthe young man involved leaves school in Junetalks about being molested after he leaves school and we blame the Minister of Education in Nassau for it, when the report had been made to Education in to a very senior official in the Education establishment.

I assure the Committee that there is an abundance of evidence that can be made available to you from which you can draw your own conclusions. Personally I have never seen any results from these committees.

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