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Sexy women college basketball coaches

sexiest women college basketball coaches....

Nicole is the special projects manager for CollegeInsider. Her duties include assistance with the development and implementation of the CollegeInsider. This was a much more ambitious project than I had originally anticipated. With so many coaches Sexy women college basketball coaches was a difficult task to narrow the field down to the sexiest in college basketball. But it was a lot of fun! Definitions of sexy vary so I tried to make sure the list had a little bit of everything, including members of the media.

I selected 10 media people for the list. It should be pointed out that no women made this list, which unfortunately excludes the lovely Ms.

Not only is Angela a hottie, but she is one of the best people that I have ever known. There were other ladies that would have gotten consideration, but I made the decision to make this an all-male Top There are people on this list, but the honor of being College Basketball's "Sexiest" goes to Montana head Wayne Tinkle.

The snow-capped mountain of a coach may look tough but Sexy women college basketball coaches truly is a gentle giant. Coach Tinkle has kept Montana among the top mid-major program's in America. He's not exactly the type of coach that seeks attention so this is all probably a little embarrassing for him, but I am sure his lovely wife would agree with the final assessment.

Senior Kareem Jamar might be Mr. So what defines sexy? Sexy literally comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It looks good dresses up and it looks great when it goes casual. It can be a perfect gentleman and it can have a New York attitude. What one finds appealing another may find appalling.

So here it is. The best of the best. The Sexiest in College Basketball.

The Egyptian native looks like he can still play some ball. Great TV presence and love his wit and wisdom. Amir Abdur-Rahim The former start at Southeastern Louisiana has established himself as an excellent young coach. A hard-worker and a no nonsense individual, Casey has been a part of winning programs for many years. Those are excellent qualities. Good things are around the corner at UCLA. Orlando Antigua The former Harlem Globetrotter is as dapper and smooth as they come.

And I mean that in a good way. Love the bow ties. Rumor has it that some Sexy women college basketball coaches coolness rubbed off on Bruiser Flint when Arnold spent seven seasons at Drexel. Mike Babul Why is it that all the guys who coached with Calipari have a cool look?

Nov 12, Sexy Hot Coaches,...

The Wagner assistant coach has been in the business for over a decade now. He will be a head coach one day. Last year he coached Rider to its first-ever postseason win and a few weeks later he was crowned the Best-Dressed coach in college basketball.

The former Illinois star is a terrific television analyst. John Becker What a great guy. Coach Becker has continued the tradition of excellence at Vermont. The head coach is an excellent X-and-O guy, but more importantly he is an even better person. The college game needs more guys like John Becker.

Tony Bennett Some coaches love attention. And therein lies the reason he is on the Top An accomplished player, coach and person, Bennett is a winner. He has a great on-air presence. He joined ESPN in Back then he was good. Today he is their top college basketball analyst. The former Central Michigan star began his coaching career at Michigan State. He covers the game for CBSSports. Good guy but lose the straw.

Alvin Brooks Alvin Brooks is as good of a person as you will know in any profession. His son below and to the left is such a quality person. Well you know where he got that from. The former Lamar star is currently an assistant coach at Houston. Known by his friends as AB3, the Kansas State assistant has quickly made a name for himself.

His dad is Sexy women college basketball coaches assistant at Lamar. And yet all the while he remained a very down-to-earth individual. That quality is lacking in many today. The Quinnipiac assistant is a great guy. Byers The young Radford assistant looks like he is going to be in the profession for many years.

An academic star in college, Byers is now in his third season with the Highlanders. His coaching career began at the division III ranks. Excellent young coach with a bright future. The New York native has a great future in the game. The former Memphis Tiger is a sharp young guy who will continue to move up. Randolph Childress Another guy with a Hollywood look about him. The former Wake Forest star is now an assistant coach with the Demon Deacons.

He spent 16 seasons playing professional basketball. He brings a lot to the table. If he gets tired of coaching he can try Hollywood. He looks like an action hero. Jamie Dixon The Pitt head coach is another one of those guys that is hard to dislike. His teams are always tough, but the "Sexy women college basketball coaches" coach is a gentle and kind soul.

And he definitely has the reverse aging process thing working well. Anthony Evans In a word -- Cool. Really good guy who can also coach! Sean Farnham Is there a better looking college basketball analyst than Mr. Difficult to find guys who have something bad to say about him.

By all accounts he is a very cool young basketball analyst. The all-time winningest coach in Drexel history is one of the best people Sexy women college basketball coaches the business. He has been a part of winning program at every stop and it will be no different at ISU. Tyler Geving Coach Geving is a terrific guy. The Washington native has spent his entire coaching career in the Pacific Northwest.

John Giannini The only thing different about the La Salle head coach, from when he was an assistant at Illinois, is a few grays.